SCOs provide a comprehensive health plan and covers all services normally paid for through Medicare and MassHealth combining health services with social support services.  We here at ASNCM provide the social support services with our great team of GSSC’s, (another acronym – Geriatric Support Services Coordinator).  Our GSSC’s work with the nursing/team at each SCO to coordinate services for our enrollees.  Here at ASNCM we work with Senior Whole Health, Tufts Health Plan, Fallon Health NaviCare, United Health Care, and Commonwealth Care Alliance.  We have nearly 1,500 consumers in our SCO plans and the largest SCO we work with is NaviCare.  We also coordinate services through our provider network for all of the SCOs except for Commonwealth Care Alliance.

Each SCO has its own set of requirements and processes for our GSSC’s.  As you can imagine there is a lot to learn, a lot to know and a lot of work to make sure each consumer receives quality GSSC support.  We have a great team in our SCO realm!

Courtney has been with ASNCM since January 2020 as a GSSC and served in the role of SCO Program Specialist.  As a manager, Courtney has been able to put into action her knowledge and skills in the SCO realm by supporting our wonderful GSSC’s and continuously building an effective working relations hip with our SCO partners.  Courtney also has an extensive background in patient/consumer coordination from Emerson Hospital.  Courtney earned her Bachelor of Science from Southern New Hampshire University in Business Management.

Courtney is a marvelous Millennial, has an I – Influential leadership style, she is Outgoing, Enthusiastic and Optimistic.  She also registers as an S style too – Steadiness – Even tempered, Patient and Humble.

Making a positive difference everyday!  Courtney Brusseau!