Ilana Strauss has been promoted to the Director Mass Health Programs.  This positions is vital as ASNCM has an Adult Family Care Program and five Senior Care Option Programs.  The AFC program is NCQA certified and our SCO programs serve nearly 2,000 older adults in North Central Massachusetts.

Ilana has been with ASNCM since September 2016.  She joined us as a GSSC – Geriatric Support Services Coordinator and was promoted to a Senior Care Options Program Manager in April 2021.  Ilana earned a Master of Science Degree from Anna Maria College majoring in – Industrial Organizational Psychology.  She also earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UMASS Amherst majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education.

Ilana is a marvelous Millennial, has an I – Influential leadership style.  This style is outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic high-spirited and lively.  When you meet Ilana, you will find in the first 30 seconds that she totally meets this description.

Making a positive difference everyday – Our Director of Mass Health Programs – Ilana Strauss!