Statement of Inclusivity

At Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and heard. Recognizing that our strength lies in our diversity, we actively embrace all backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and talents. Regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, or orientation, we celebrate our difference and work together to create a community that thrives on empathy, respect, and collaboration. Our shared commitment to inclusivity empowers us to build a stronger, more vibrant future for our consumers and each other.


Working at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts means one can make a positive difference in the lives of older adults, individuals with disabilities, empoweing them to live with safety, dignity, and respect.

We are a MISSION focused agency.

At ASNCM we are committed to our employees success, and being celebrated for individuals skills and dedication. We truly believe in employee wellness, and having a healthy work life balance. We have a very generous off policy, and encourage staff to use their time. We offer all staff a subscription to the CALM meditation, stress reduction, sleep support application.  We also offer different seminars on healthy eating, sleep, and stress management.  We have an on-site wellness room and a meditation room.

We are more than 100 dedicated individuals who work as a team with heart to make a positive difference.  Join us!

ASNCM is committed to excellence, respect, integrity, innovation and teamwork.

Collaboration – we communicate and coordinate with others, internally and externally, to make a positive difference for our consumers and their families.

Compassion – we work with “heart” to be kind, caring and willing to help our consumers in their journey.

Consumer-Centric – we are committed and persistent in ensuring that our services and experiences are of high quality, resulting in positive consumer impacts.

Empowerment – we strive to make our consumers stronger and more confident to control their lives with personalized choices and claim their rights to a life of safety, dignity, and respect.

Integrity – we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our consumers place in us.

Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts’ core values related to employment include:

  • Recruiting and retaining the best individuals to make a positive difference
  • Empowering individuals to be their best
  • Supporting a true balance with a focus on wellness

At ASNCM, we recognize the value of your time, and we show that recognition in tangible ways:

  • a paid-time-off schedule that acknowledges your home life;
  • rich medical and dental benefits;
  • 403B matching;
  • camaraderie and professionalism;
  • a wellness center, meditation space and CALM meditation app subscription
  • relevant professional development
  • internal career paths – 95% of our leadership has been promoted within
  • hybrid work opportunities

Our workforce and our benefits both reflect our commitment to a community in which everyone can find what they need to live the way they want.

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