Statement of Inclusivity

Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts values full inclusion of all members of the community. We are committed to fostering a healthy, welcoming, and diverse workplace that embraces and is accessible to people of all races, genders and gender expressions, religions, ethnicities, languages, cultures, sexual orientations, disabilities, and ages; veterans; and individuals of diverse experiences and education levels.


Working at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts means we are pleased to work with older adults, individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers to make a positive difference within our community by connecting them to the services they need to live the way they want. We are committed to the wellbeing of our consumers and making tangible changes, making the world a better place.

Here at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts we are committed to our employees success, and being celebrated for individuals skills and dedication. We truly believe in employee wellness, and having a healthy work life balance. We have a very generous off policy, and encourage staff to use their time. We offer wellness Wednesday where we offer different classes, such as kick boxing, yoga, meditation, HIIT class, and Zumba. We also offer different seminars on healthy eating, sleep, and stress management.

There are more than 90 dedicated staff members who make up the Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts community.

ASNCM is committed to excellence, respect, integrity, innovation and teamwork.

Excellence – we deliver the best outcomes and highest quality services through the dedicated effort of every employee.

Respect – we treat everyone in our diverse community including consumers, their families and colleagues with dignity.

Integrity – we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our consumers place in us.

Innovation – we enhance the lives of those we serve through creative ideas, technology and the unique talents of each employee.

Teamwork – we value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual staff members in unmatched collaboration.

Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts’ core values related to employment include:

  • Recruiting, supporting, and retaining the best staff and volunteers
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Expecting individual responsibility within a team environment

At ASNCM, we recognize the value of your time, and we show that recognition in tangible ways:

  • a paid-time-off schedule that acknowledges your home life;
  • rich medical and dental benefits;
  • camaraderie and professionalism;
  • employee celebrations and appreciation; and
  • flexible scheduling.

Our workforce and our benefits both reflect our commitment to a community in which everyone can find what they need to live the way they want.

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