Origin Story

The Story of the Apple Blossom

The vibrant apple blossom is derivative of North Central Massachusetts – nicknamed ‘Johnny Appleseed Country.’

Inspired by the rolling hills of Sholan Farms of Leominster and Hollis Hills Farm of Fitchburg, the apple blossom symbolizes life, growth, vibrancy, and the ability to thrive- all of which ASNCM provides its consumers so that they remain independent in the comfort and safety of their own home.

The Deeper Meaning

At our agency’s core are the five pedals of success: Programs, People, Public, Power Tools, and Providers/Progress – each one essential in the agency’s blossom. What we do day in and day out to support our mission is how we measure our success as an agency, as a leader and as an employee.

In the center of our blossom is Community – representing the bedrock of our agency.

The Double Meaning

ASNCM first and foremost stands for Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts. In addition, ASNCM is also symbolic of what our agency provides: Aging Services, Nurses, and Case Managers.

The Color Palette

Each of our agency’s colors are a tribute to an important individual(s) who helped play a pivotal role in our organization’s history.

Kielty Pink: Named after Margaret Kielty, Founding President of the Board of Directors for Montachusett Home Care.

Gilmartin Green: Named after Eleanor Gilmartin, Founding Executive Director of Montachusett Home Care in 1974.

Doran Blush: Named after Monsignor John Doran, Founding Board Member of Montachusett Home Care and one of the longest-serving of over 30 years.